Thursday, June 4, 2020

Blogger will change

Like it or not.  Yup, there is a reason I dislike computers.  They change, constantly, and if there is a problem then it is your fault their software/hardware is faulty.  Follow the directions and it doesn't work the person you call can't tell you anything except the directions you already followed and it didn't work.  They actually don't know the answers.  We created this amazing way to communicate, learn, play and go down numerous and sometimes scary rabbit holes and nobody out there actually knows what is happening.  I worked IT for 15 years.  People wore lucky hats, chanted to their computers, and generally did anything they could think of and sometimes it just doesn't work.  Heavy sigh.  Blogger will change I have a months grace period of using the "old" way but it will change.  Their comment, well start the new one know and get a jump on it and give us feedback.  People please understand, they are using you the readers and bloggers to trouble shoot their problems.  I don't try to jump ahead on technology, I let other people have the problems, give them time to fix it then I will use it.  Not a happy way to start my morning finding out their idea of progress most likely does not match my idea of something wonderful. 

Three wishes.  


Judy said...

I tried it and switched back.

Ruth said...

I tried it on my picture blog and they archived all my pictures but I can't access the archived folder from my account. I am not impressed. Sent feedback. There is only a grace period until the end of June. I'll keep this one as long as possible in the old format. Hoping to figure out how to download all my pictures. Computers bring out the Viking in me. Burn destroy rip apart.....good thing I don't have an ax.