Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Irritating quotes

There are some quotes running around on the internet that really annoy me.  If you don't want to read this rant, quit now.

I need to share a different perspective......

"Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world." (Wayne Dyer)

I was 5 years old, walking to school by myself.  I loved the world, I loved dogs, I loved worms, I was a happy little girl until my world was shattered by a type of violence that tear apart the strongest adults.  I didn't invite this insanity into my life.  I wasn't hostile looking for hostile things to happen to me.  My world was shattered.  I learned in kindergarten that there are people that willingly make this Earth a living hell.  I am still able to see good in the world but I believe that those that only see the world reflected in their own lives never had anyone smash their mirror.  Since then I learned that the same events can be viewed by two different people very differently.  I learned from photography that we frame our own pictures of what is around us.

I don't believe in just ranting.......I want to share what I have learned....

The world is beautiful and terrible.....

 When I lived in Spokane, Washington, I loved going to an outlook at the park.  I enjoyed absorbing the green mountains and azure skies.  Simply beautiful.  I took my Dad to the same spot and exclaimed how beautiful the view was.  He replied, slightly baffled by my enthusiasm, "But it overlooks a freeway and the junk yard." I suggested he look up.  What you focus on is what you will see.  If you focus on the roses, you will see the loveliest of flowers, however, if you focus on the thorns you will see the most vicious of plants.  Ignoring the thorns does not keep you from getting a nasty poke.  Appreciation of the worlds beauty with an understanding and preparation for harsh realities blesses your life.  I enjoy the roses while avoiding getting stuck by the thorns.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pest in the garden....

Pest in the garden are the butterflies of tomorrow.

I used to garden when we lived in Washington.  Now I can barely keep up with a little patch of flowers in the front yard.  Today, the preschoolers released the butterflies.  The teacher bought caterpillars that they fed.  They made their little cocoons and finally hatched.  Today, they spread their wings and flew.  The looks of delight on the high school students was as delightful as the little children. I was amazed that some of the children were afraid of the butterflies.  We also released lady bugs that quickly scattered and disappeared.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Life's unfair.  Crap happens.  One reaction to unfair treatment is resentment.  Dictionary defines resentment "bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly."  Bitterness, anger, resentment....some of the ugly emotions.  They are not comfortable.  I don't like feeling them.  Kind of like having a picnic in a sticker patch.  No matter which way you move you get stuck.  Usual activities are unpleasant.  A constant irritation turning the day sour. Sitting with these emotions is not fun.  Peel back the layers.  What is the root cause?  What is feeding the anger?  One thing I learned from counseling is under anger another emotion is calling the shots.  I can shift the discomfort away and it won't bother me for a time.  However, I suspect, until I address the irritation and truly explore its meaning it will continue to gnaw at me like a sore tooth.  Consider the source, then look at my options.  Feelings of helplessness are recognized.  Feelings of regret.  Remind myself why I made the past decisions...where was I at emotionally and mentally when I made the decisions in the first place?  These are the questions I used to discuss with my counselors.  Now I have to work through them myself.  I could use depression to smother the emotions.  Depression puts a wet blanket on any other emotion.  I don't like depression either.  Sort through, sift my thoughts.  What do I want to accomplish?  Where do I want to go?  I'm a grandmother and still working on what I want to do when I grow up. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Engraven in the Palm of His Hand

Isaiah 49:16

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.

KavinCoach shared my faith in Christ, so during counseling, faith was one of the things used in my healing process.  KavinCoach clarified that he could teach me new skills but it was Christ that does the healing.  He asked me about my faith in Christ.  He pointed out all the horrible things that happened to me, then asked me how I could believe in a loving Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ whom was sent to Earth to die for us.  My testimony is rock solid.  Yes, I have doubted in the past.  But time and time again, I encountered blessings and miracles that can't be attributed to anything accept a higher power.  I don't understand why I need to experience some of the things that I do, however I know there is nothing that I experience, no abuse, no pain, no suffering that Christ hasn't experienced.  When I was most suicidal, one of the things that kept me from carrying it out was my belief that I would have to explain to my Savior that life was too tough.  Christ experienced abuse, betrayal, suffering and Gethsemane.  I struggle at comprehending how he endured so much suffering.

Luke 22:44

And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

 I believe with all my heart that there is nothing I experience that Christ can not heal.  He has power over death.  My wounds will be bound up by Christ's loving care.  He never promised a pain free world...he promised that he over came the world. 

John 16:33

King James Version (KJV)
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

I believe in Christ eyes I am whole for he sees me through His healing power and no wound is so deep or damage so severe that He can't heal me.  His ways are not my ways, His timing is not mine either.  His love for me engraved my name on His palm. I have all eternity to finally understand His great love for me. 


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Bunny

A few years ago I was moved from photography to Early Childhood Education at the high school.  It was a bit of a shock for me.  Come Spring they asked me to play the Easter Bunny in a pink furry bunny costume.  My challenge was to figure out a way for the Easter Bunny to be fun without terrorizing the children.  Imagine being 3 years old and being confronted with a huge pink furry rabbit.  This year I succeeded in having no children or high schoolers crying.  I learned that what is fun for one person isn't always fun for someone else. I remember being criticized by another parent for including the Easter Bunny with the traditions of Easter.  I thought about the criticism and decided that Heavenly Father had more of a sense of humor than the Christian that dumped on me.  I believe that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.  I believe that my Savior has more compassion for my enjoyment of silliness than the person that was heaping criticism on me. I also think this world was created with so many wonderful things.  Mother Earth is one huge 'Easter egg hunt.'  Think about a rock hound scouring the desert to find hidden treasures.  Geodes look plain and boring on the outside yet are magical wonderlands on the inside.  Hopefully the link will work after posting.  Or you can just do a search for images typing in rocks geodes.  Tiny hidden flowers bloom under the scorching desert sun.  Or imagine what type of sense of humor is needed to create a duck-bill platypus. I enjoy taking people on camera safari's to capture all the cute little oddities sitting right under our noses.  A quick search on the internet reveals that there are an estimated 20,000 types of butterflies, give or take a thousand or two.  I look around me everyday at the hidden treasures here in our world.  Something like the Easter bunny is something cute and enjoyable.  I imagine that if Christ were here now, He would enjoy a good Easter egg hunt.  May your day be blessed with hidden treasures and bits of delight. 

All of these found here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Today is the day.  The one that Roman Soldiers thought would end this talk of Jesus.  The Jewish leaders believed the threat of Jesus over throwing their power would be gone.  Neither suspected that they were puppets used to finish the work that Jesus Christ was sent to do.  Gethsemane was over.  Crucifixion, their final solution, to remove a rebel leader.  But Jesus Christ was no ordinary man.  He sought to change the hearts of all people.  Your heart may be changed or not by faith in Jesus Christ.  If he were simply a rebel leader, his actions would have sunk into oblivion thousands of years ago.  But our years are counted by this single event.  2014 years since Christ was crucified, give or take a year or two depending on the debate of calendars.  People can agree or disagree.  Wars and cruelty done in His name.  It is my testimony, that the Good part of Friday over 2 thousand years ago that people put in motion the final piece.  They crucified Christ just as the prophecies fore told.  Christ finished the work His Father sent him to do.  He died that all might live again. 

Jesus was No Ordinary Man