Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun in Dysfunctional

My counselor once told me that the family I grew up in put the Fun in Dysfunctional.  Someone posted an article on the 6 Big Mistakes that Destroy Families.  The family I grew up in scored 6 out of 6.  http://www.lifehack.org/453749/6-big-mistakes-that-destroy-family-relationships?dgs=1

1. Insults and Criticism

2. Gossip

3. Lack of Inclusion

4. Deception and Lies

5. Failure to Accept Differences

6. No Apologies and No Forgiveness

Some of these leaked into my family of choice.  Clearing them out.  Changing direction of a family takes time and effort.  I endured so much as a kid.  I didn't know enough soon enough when I raised my kids.  I believe in apologies.  I believe in including everyone.   I believe that each one of my children are amazingly different and wonderful each in their own right.  I believe that insults and criticism works like acid in any relationship.  Gossip hurts everyone including the ones spreading it.  Sadly, people tend to do and say things to family members that they would never say or do to anyone else.  Becoming healthy myself, I want those around me to be healthy too.  I believe this is how we grow helping each other to become our best selves.  We don't have to agree to help someone succeed. 







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