Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So it begins

First two days of back at school, my butt hurts from having to sit in horribly uncomfortable chairs for meetings.  Luckily after the second meeting today we were able to get cookies, two please.  I am feeling ready to be back.  I have a new teacher to work with.  She is young and excited about her new challenge of teaching fashion.  It feels nice to see someone wanting passionately to do what she is doing.  Preparing to see students on Monday.  Fortunately tomorrow, I have fewer meetings. 

On your mark, get set.........GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Tundra Woman said...

Great! Not your poor butt-the new teacher. You two will have an opportunity to develope your own complementary "style" together. I know how much you love the kids-it just shines through, Ruth. IMO at least some of the anxiety is about giving those kids every last piece of your knowledge-and yourself: Am I doing this "right?" What does this kid need from me? How can I help them develop their potential? etc. This kind of selfless love changes lives. Maybe it doesn't seem so in the moment, but I know it does.

I just wish you had you when you were younger. You have so much love to give-and you do give it freely.
When an adult expropriates a childhood, adolescence, early adulthood etc. for their own edification, they have stolen that which can never be restored. Ever. Despite it all, your light may have dimmed at times but it never went out. Unconditional love can't be extinguished: IMO it burns brighter in direct response to all efforts to suffocate.

Ruth said...

Thank you TW what lovely compliments.