Friday, May 12, 2017


Last week I was having a perfect day.  I needed to find Christmas lights and I did in May that worked at a thrift store.  I found and collected everything I needed for the Fashion Show last Friday.  I turned on to the street to go the last mile to the school and a car careened into me.  The officer asked me what I saw.  I said, "I drove into the middle lane since the right lane merged into it.  I was going less than the speed limit since I wasn't in a hurry and traffic was light. Then my whole world exploded."  Yup all 3 airbags.  The seat belt tightened up and held me fast.  Everywhere my seat belt was, there are bruises.  Now in varying shades of blue, purple and yellow depending on the depth of the bruise.  I also passed my bone density test.  The fireman that poked and prodded me was impressed that I didn't even break my collar bone.  I later learned from my doctor son that the type of accident that I was in usually causes a broken collar bone, wrist, ribs, and sometimes hips.  Yup, there are bruises in all those places but I walked away.  A witness stopped and told the police what happened.  The driver of the other car got to me first to see if I was ok and make sure the car wasn't on fire.  There was a lot of smoke in the car from the airbags exploding open.  I looked at the tree, wall and stop sign that I missed.  I felt deep gratitude that this could be so much worse.  The other driver was shaken but will walk away too.  He talked to the police.  My DH came, he had the day off, and visited with the other driver and the officer.  I feel deeply relieved that things were not much much worse.  The teacher was able to pick up the supplies for the fashion show.  Sadly, I missed the fashion show.  Perfect days can disintegrate in a split second.  I am pleased with how I handled myself.  I felt what I felt in the moment.  I allowed myself to go home and rest.  I am healing and DH bought a new car that he will pickup tomorrow.  I'm nervous driving but not so much that it is hindering me from doing what I need to do.  Overall the emotion I am embracing is gratitude and praying for the other driver.  His day was really rotten. 


Tundra Woman said...

Oooo, the wonders of adrenaline at numbing pain so well-and then there's a few hrs. later followed by the next day. So glad you're OK, Ruth as is the other driver. Why wouldn't you be a bit shook the next times you drive-especially when you never saw it coming and suddenly the world exploded? My heart started pounding just reading that!
Hope you take a few days for yourself.

And BTW, I know it's a little early, but have a lovely Mother's Day, Ruth. It's your turn to shine. You don't have to share with anyone. Please allow your family to honor you!

Ruth said...

Thank you TW. Yes I am enjoying having Mother Day dinner brought to me by two of my daughters. I feel so blessed with gifts from my children. I agree with you I am giving myself leeway for feeling nervous driving. I am pleased I am feeling what I need to feel without trying to shut it off and tough it out. Thanks to you and my sister I am deciding to take today to rest without going to Karate. I am allowed breaks, sometimes extended ones.
Have a great day,