Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Current events

******Rant ahead - Proceed with caution. ******

I don't often respond to controversial current events because I learned long ago that my perspective is out of step with most and ridiculed by others.  I haven't written for awhile because this post is just boiling my brain and I was trying to avoid writing anything about it.  My thoughts popped up in a comment and a flood of rage followed.  Containing that rage was my first mission.  I think I am ready to say what I want to say.

A few years ago, an individual, my boss, hated me and his response was a smear campaign accusing me of things that never happened with zero evidence.  In defending myself I looked unreasonable and the more I denied the allegations the more they implied my denial was proof that I did what he said I did.  The smear campaign worked, I lost my job because of a vindictive person with no proof.  In the current events, statutes of limitations are long past.  Who he is now is totally lost in the cesspool of accusations.  I don't know who is lying and who is telling the truth.  I know how it feels to have my named smeared with no proof.  It is devastating on so many levels. Anger rages and people point out that so much denial must mean there was some truth in all the mess.  I feel deep sympathy for the gentleman.  My feelings about the lady are negative, extremely negative.  Her purposes are quite clear to smear his name and reputation.  I actually am terrified that someone from my past will come forward with accusations and swearing I did wrong.  I am so far from what I was it would be painful to have my past used to hurt me again.

Humans screw up.  Sometimes badly.  However, to me, it is more important what they learned and who they became.  Focusing only on the past does not allow a person to be who they have become.  I'm sad that such tactics were used.  It hurts more people than it helps.  Imperfect people run this Nation and every other nation because we are imperfect.  I dread election years because it seems to bring out the very worse then we have to vote for one.  Heavy sigh.  I pray for all involved especially his children.

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