Friday, July 29, 2016

Flaming mad

I didn't feel very many emotions when I started counseling.  I frustrated my counselor because he was purposely trying to get me angry and I was adept at making anger disappear.  Not processed just vanished or so I thought.  It was becoming a ball of fire deep in my soul destroying me from the inside out.  He taught me to feel it, acknowledge it, look for the source, and work at resolving the source instead of putting out the symptom.  From him I learned that anger is a secondary emotion, fear, hurt or frustration come first.  It was vital for me to come to terms and appreciate my anger.  It is my warning system that a boundary is violated, that I am afraid, or a clue to how frustrated I am.  I am learning to use anger more effectively in my life. 

Emerging From Broken
"The physical immune system may create inflammation (a "flame" in the body), anger is like fire in the soul. Repressed, it destroys from the inside, by slow burn or explosion. Misdirected, it can blaze a path of destruction through your life and the lives of others. Cared for and properly used, it can warm you, light your path, fuel your progress, and keep hostile interlopers at bay". Martha Beck on Anger

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