Monday, September 5, 2016


Today I spent the day quiet pursuit of several activities at home I've neglected.  I also played, crocheted and did some sewing.  I am preparing to relax because tomorrow I have to face my boss and explain how I mixed up when I have my dental appointment and the appointment is tomorrow.  I am supposed to give a weeks notice.  I am frustrated with myself for not checking the calendar sooner since I knew it was coming up.  As the meme goes, "My forgetery is better than my memory."  I wrote it down but that doesn't help if I don't look at the calendar.  I am encouraged that I relaxed most of today knowing that I messed up.  Years past I would have had a panic attack and a miserable weekend worrying about making a mistake.  I am learning that I am allowed to make mistakes.  I am learning I can handle consequences.  I don't like them but I can handle them.  It was a pleasant day today.  I am glad I had the day off.  I needed it. 


mulderfan said...

Once you let go of the unrealistic expectation that you need to be perfect you'll be free! You're not the one that placed that burden on you, but you're the one with the power to remove it.

The people (me, Judy, DH, children, grandchildren, friends...) that love and respect you just the way you are by far outnumber the rest so just say what Mulderfan would say!

Ruth said...

Thanks mulderfan. Thank you for encouraging me for so many years. You make a wonderful difference in my life. Hugs.