Sunday, September 25, 2016

Warrior for hope

Friday I attended a conference for future educators.  One of the classes discussed the concept that teachers need to be Warriors for hope.  A reminder that a teacher can make a positive difference in a students life.  Often we don't get to see the results.  I started thinking about a warrior for hope.  When I think of a warrior I think of someone actively defending something or someone.  A purposeful pursuit of encouraging others sounds like a positive way to teach students and treat people I encounter.  I wonder what the World would be like if each person woke up thinking, "What can I do to do to make someone's day better?"  My counselor gave me the 5/50 project that changed my perspective of making a difference.  He asked me to do one thing every day as a service for someone else.  The service couldn't take longer than 5 minutes or cost more than 50 cents.  I messed up the project thinking it was teaching me that I wasn't doing enough to help others.  My counselor rolled his eyes and explained again.  He was trying to teach me that I already did these little acts of kindness, I needed to be aware that I am already doing many things everyday, a smile to a clerk that checks me out of the grocery store, a kind word to a student struggling with a difficult assignment, waving hi to a neighbor, or any number of little things that let's someone else know that they matter to me.  It also had an interesting side effect of helping me feel connected with people.  The conference pointed out that not all Superheroes wear capes.  I can be a superhero  or warrior for hope and my superstrength can be kindness, encouragement, and showing others appreciation. 

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