Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cry fest

For Sep 11, I allowed myself to cry.  I cried when I shared my post.  I cried when I read some of the stories that occurred after the violence.  The helping hands that grabbed the wheel chair of the woman trapped in the building.  She urged her rescuers to leave her behind.  They refused.  Before that moment the didn't even know each others names.  The kind hearts of the boat owners that ferried people off the island.  The first responders that risked and gave up their lives to help as many people as possible to escape.  My friend and I sat over lunch remembering and sharing and thanking God for the out pouring of blessings that came after.  I cried when I went to the Flag memorial in Tempe, Arizona.  A flag for every person killed during the 4 plane crashes in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.  I read names of people I never knew and cried for their lives cut short.  Their families grief, the sorrow of suffering and loss.  I pondered on all that happened after.  After the storm, comes a renewal.  After the storm, comes the reaching out.  After the storm, come the blessings.  Tragedy and goodness mixed up in a way that confounds our attackers.  They expected despair and found camaraderie.  The expected chaos and found strength in numbers.  Abusers, bullies, terrorist.....never understand the strength of human kindness. 

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