Monday, September 21, 2015

Winds of change

I'm in a weird place right now.  I am working on more sleep which means fewer late nights to work on my blog.  Last night, broken in pieces, I slept 8 hours.  This is very rare.  I am working on making it less rare.  If I am going to get more sleep at night then I need to change when I write my blogs.  If I change when I write my blogs then I need to alter how I use my time after school......sounding a bit like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  My sister wrote about routines and I envied her ability to have them. ( But now that I am trying to change when I write my blogs I'm discovering I do have routines.  They are weird, disconnected and probably don't make sense to anyone except me.  Judy mentioned that our mother used routines to heap more and more work on herself and us.  It wasn't healthy or helpful.  List still give me hives.  But in my own odd way, I have routines.  Now, I am trying to shuffle them around a bit.  Heavy sigh.  It is not going well.  The dog isn't too thrilled with the changes either.  She liked being taken out in the middle of the night.  Now, she isn't sure when she gets a break from the house.  (She goes outside on her own and she stands in the middle of the yard and barks for no particular reason.)  My sleeping interferes with her schedule.  Back to my schedule.  I am trying to change how I sleep meaning electronics of all kind need to be turned off early; therefore, the switch in blogging.  I'll work on this.  Hopefully I will get back in the grove of doing something consistently, sort of.



Tundra Woman said...

I don't know how you compose your Blog posts but if it's writing/typing them out, maybe try something different like a voice activated technology. My hands don't work well so typing, writing etc. is not always pleasant.
Whoa! 8 hrs. Interrupted is still an achievement. Because there's no ambient light source here (besides the moon and stars) just having an alarm clock that stays lit is like having a million candlelight spot light in the BR. Any light source from inside is disturbing to me.
I notice as much as you enjoy going back to school after the summer, there seems to be an uptick in your symptoms. I certainly could be wrong but maybe if you look through previous year's Blog posts, you'll see some pattern. Instead of having essentially an unchanged type of routine year round, you have two different ones. How can that not be a challenge?

Ruth said...

You are right TW it takes about a month for me to adjust to the back to school routine. Weirdly it takes almost the same amount switching to summer schedule. Changing my routines, as minimal as they are, takes a while. I actually compose a lot of my blogs while I'm on the freeway driving to and from work. I also respond to whatever I am reading at the time too. I also noticed more sleep my anxiety goes up. Yes, I recognize that is not the usual pattern. Heavy sigh. I do feel better with more sleep, my brain seems to want to kick into high gear and take over the World. I want to tell my brain, "No, just no. Cut it out." Thanks TW. I'll take a look at my writing routine and see what the challenges are for me.

mulderfan said...

Just like you, Ruth, the dog will eventually adjust!