Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Following my own advice

I'm following my own advice by backing off and slowing down.  Our Christmas tree is up but only has a single string of lights on it.  I think it may stay that way.  I am blogging less to give myself time to hit top priorities my family, friends and editing for my sister.  I am starting to feel like the downward spiral is slowing to a stop and I'm heading for a turn around.  My dear friend let me chat today and tell of all the set backs I had the past 5 months.  I am sometimes unaware of how far down I am slipping until I am in a total mess.  Thankful to DH for reminding me that generalizing specifics makes things look worse than they are.  Many of the things I struggled with were outside of my control.  However, I can make healthy decisions about what I can actually do to help in a situation.  I was proud of myself when I called and followed up because I was worried about a situation.  A 5 minute phone call assured me that I did what I could in that situation.  I also went to get the granddaughters Christmas presents I bought last summer.  I looked blankly at the empty spot where I thought they were located.  A whole box gone.  Sadly, in that particular room my hoarders tendencies would make that possible.  Rather than melting down, I went on an emergency shopping spree.  I was delighted to find just what I wanted at a price I could afford.  The store clerks eyes widened as I heaped stuff on the conveyor belt.  I smiled and explained I had 6 granddaughters.  She was so lovely and kind.  The best part was the granddaughters that live close by opened their presents last weekend and they loved the hasty substitute gifts.  Amazing how a potential disaster can be averted and the outcome can be better than I expected.  Getting back on track will take time but I am no longer feeling like I am plummeting down in a crazy emotional free fall.  Thankful for my sister helping with my dishes.  Her service to me lightens my heart when so much was dragging me down.  Thanks Judy.
Straitening out the pieces

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