Sunday, December 11, 2016

Avoiding Writing

Heavy sigh....I'm avoiding writing lately.  My mind is in a swirl with my own health issues, holidays and my mother coming home from 2 months in rehab care for a broken hip.  After all these years, the rest of the family finally sees what my sister and I lived with all of our lives.  They keep saying it is old age or dementia.  Not to me....this is the mother I have always known demanding, complaining, manipulative....yup a real piece of work.  Finally, they have stopped making excuses for her.  Mother accused my sister of plotting to prove she was incompetent.  I cheered when my sister said that she looked at mother and told her, "You did that yourself."  Nope don't need to do a thing for her to demonstrate how unstable she is.  I feel sad.


Tundra Woman said...

That's your "don't mess with me" face-I like it-a lot!
Since the other relatives insist on providing even more of an audience for her to act out, they can deal with her. You have plenty going on in your own life right now, Ruth. I'd be tempted to tell these other relatives, "Just because your noticing her behavior now doesn't mean it hasn't been going on for the last 40 yrs."

Can you get an aid or some help in there? Neither you nor Judy need this at all.

mulderfan said...

Had to laugh! My father once accused me of driving for an hour just to make him look stupid. I asked him why I'd do that when he was so go at doing it himself.
As for those who cite my father's age as an excuse for his nasty behaviour, I just smile sweetly and say, "Oh, no. He's always been a nasty SOB!"
Still boggles my mind, that narcissists from all over the globe use the same play book!

Ruth said...

A sweet angel that has experience working in care centers is helping 6 out of 7 days. She had my mother pegged in no time. I am thankful to go to work and know that this living angel is helping my mother. She makes a real difference in our lives.

Ruth said...

I agree mulderfan. My friend in Australia experienced similar things with her mother. I don't feel alone any more. I'm sad that so many people face interacting with people so self absorbed they would destroy everyone around them to meet their own needs.