Monday, December 12, 2016

I believe in Angels

Sometimes they walk among us lighting gray days and picking up arms that hang down.  One such miracle is helping our family 6 days a week.  Just knowing she is there helping with my mother takes the internal pressure ingrained in me to take care of my mother.  With our angel there, my mother is taken care of in the kindest safest way possible.  Blessedly our angel doesn't put up with any nonsense.  She sets healthy boundaries and addresses tough subjects. She has experience managing difficult people. I am thankful for the angel in our families life. 

The song from ABBA came to mind when I was writing this blog.


Tundra Woman said...

I'm so pleased there's some help to look after your "mother." Probably not half as pleased as you are, huh?!
Sometimes it's so easy to feel as if no one else is seeing the behavior and antics we see. And then to have someone who was a complete stranger nail it almost immediately is such a feeling of validation. I bet it's quite an eye opener to see how she behaves with your angel in contrast to you. I've actually seen them back down and act like a human being when someone from outside the family calls them on their behavior-once again, yes they do know exactly what they're doing.
This will be interesting-from a safe distance ;-)

Ruth said...

TW it is fascinating up close too. You are right my mother backs down every time. She is also complaining that she doesn't need to be at the house...Just our angels presences makes all the difference.

mulderfan said...

I thought I was doing the right thing by arranging for my mother to stay with my father while "angels" took care of her. Seemed cruel to have my mother spend her final days away from her husband of 72 years.
Of course, this made my mother the centre of attention so my father, frequently, kicked the angels out, got in their way, or denied them entry. He even managed to jeopardize their residence at an upscale retirement home that was meant for seniors who were kind of "all there".
As she became increasingly uncomfortable, because he insisted on administering her meds (when he felt like it), my mother still to enabled and defended his every action.
The angels had resigned by then and helped me place my mother in a nursing home by herself. My brother saw to it that the nursing home gave me no information on mother's condition and went so far as to forbade them to notify of her death.
When my mother passed, we all expected my 97 year old father to fall apart. Quite the opposite! He became the centre of attention as a grieving widower and one of only a small handful of males in an upscale retirement residence staffed and populated by females who adore the sweet, charming old fellow.
NEVER! EVER! underestimate the lengths a narcissist will go to in order to remain the centre of attention.
Ruth, I'm guessing your mother's twisted reasoning sees the angels as her adoring servants and exactly what her royal highness deserves. The last laugh is yours.Enjoy!