Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Coloring books

Adults  are rediscovering the joy of coloring books

Coloring books for adults Enjoy

One of the interesting ways of coping that came out when I was in counseling long before the idea was popular.  When I started counseling, I would get so stressed I could barely talk to the counselor.  He had coloring books in his waiting room.  I randomly started coloring before each session.  It slowed down my racing thoughts.  I liked the rhythm of moving the crayon back and forth across the paper.  I felt guilty for using up the pages the were obviously for children.  So I brought another coloring book.  When he changed offices the coloring books disappeared.  It was bad enough that offices were changed but to lose the coloring books was too much so I brought some more crayons and coloring books.  I would come 30 to 40 minutes early so I could spend time coloring each day.  Now I have lots of coloring books for the grandkids but I noticed that I am not coloring.  I wonder about this some times.  I'm not sure why I am hesitant to use a known help for when I am feeling stressed.  I'll need to think about this.  I am glad that I can buy them at the dollar store so I don't feel guilty having a stack of them. 

Connecting with childhood activities that I enjoyed is one way to connect past and present peacefully.  Going to the zoo was another place I loved to go.  I still love taking grandkids to the zoo.  I discovered that I feel guilty if I go to the zoo by myself.  I'm still trying to figure that one out. 

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Judy said...

Still punishing ourselves and withholding, just like we were taught. :-( GO TO THE ZOO BY YOURSELF!