Thursday, April 26, 2018

Considering new possibilities

One of the blogs in my email is about building families.  Today's email had suggestions on family summer activities.  I thought about it that perhaps living more intentionally I could benefit from something similar.  Take each day of the week to do something from an area of enjoyment.  The list below is just the starting point.  No need to choose these particular ideas but the idea of living intentionally.  Many times we get in the habit drifting through each day.  One day starts to blend into another.  Why not change it up a little?  Maybe  try a new recipe or explore the library.  These ideas are great for kids.  I think adults can benefit too.  When was the last time you intentionally changed up your day by scheduling time to try something new. 


One of our readers sent in a great idea for having specified days for different things. We used her idea to group our long “bucket list” of brainstormed activities into categories for fun family activities each day after the kids finished their “must-do’s”:
  • Make-it Monday - Arts, building and creating
  • Take a trip Tuesday - short day trips visits the sights in the area
  • Wet Wednesday- summer means water - enjoy it. 
  • Thinking Thursday - learn something new, look up a how to, find answers to a question
  • Friend Friday - spend time with friends

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