Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I'm all shook up

This past week I am working at dodging, weaving, and generally keeping my head above water emotionally and physically.  Turmoil hit our high school like a tidal wave.  I'm churned up by the propaganda of No Guns = Happiness.....I shake my head and stay quiet.  When pressured to agree, I look at them calmly and tell them DH is a Ranger Master and NRA instructor.  When I went back to college over 20 years ago one of the students gave a speech about living in England.  NO GUNS allowed.  His friend was murdered by a gun toting villain that sauntered away because even the bobbies didn't have guns, only the criminals had the guns.  I saw for myself that evil chooses what ever is handy to destroy others, cars, vans, guns, knives, rocks, fertilizer, pipe bombs, match heads, fists, the lists goes on and on.  Stopping law abiding citizens from owning guns gives the criminals and terrorist the advantage, nobody to stop them. 

Teacher contracts came out and the promised pay raises didn't appear, again.  Last fall during elections the people of our state voted to make money available for better wages for teachers.  No money appeared.  Tension is high...demonstrations....all peaceful...and now a walk out.  I shake my head and stay quiet.  People are expecting a walk out will change the minds of government officials that looked at school funding as easy grab since there is no accountability of where the money goes.  What happened to all the money the voter approved... I believe they are asking the wrong people the wrong questions.  Instead of asking why don't we get a raise to the governor, I believe a better question is asking the Superintendent of Schools, "Where is the money voted for the pay increases?"  Who Stole that MONEY?  Greed, laziness, inertia, and lack of caring about enough funding for education and then use the money wisely.  The system is broke and demonstrating won't fix it.  I plan to enjoy my day offs while the schools are closed.  I didn't get a pay raise and I will be surprised if I ever do.  They keep playing shell games with the dollar figures.  I feel like no matter what teachers do, we lose and the kids lose more. 

Adjustments and more adjustments....home life changed when needs of aging parents needed addressing.  I know the need exists but not sure how to keep my head above water.  I can only push so long then my body pushes back - hard.  Fortunately, the good news is the lump on my thyroid stayed the same size.  The theory goes that no growth usually means no wait a year and check again.  Same with the brain tumor.  Check and wait, wait and check again.  Between gun law activist, teacher unrest, family dynamics changes, and health issues I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette, I'm amazed that I am functioning at all. Swirling clouds of unrest that feel like a perfect storm.  Bring it on. 

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