Friday, May 4, 2018

No politics here

My life was hijacked by politics.  I will not benefit from the argument.  The government has behaved the same way for over 50 years I don't foresee one week changing that.  So I didn't post so I wouldn't write about how messed up our politics and education system are here.  We have amazing teachers and students in spite of a broken system.  At our school we have awesome administrators too.  They really do care about the students and staff.  I love where I work.

One of the things I did to help with my anxiety is to stop taking the paper.  Daily dump of woes and worries that I could do nothing about worsened my symptoms.  I miss the funnies but I sure don't miss the headlines.  Too often they go for the drama well before seeking out anything resembling the truth.  My brother calls TV news the death and destruction hour.  Every horrible thing they can find anywhere in the world to report on they do.  The cool, fun, interesting, nice stuff is nowhere to be found.  Not that it isn't happening, good stuff doesn't cut it in the news. 

Our good of our students taking a state certification test got the highest score the test giver had ever seen.  Most of the students passed, they were competing with students from across the state.  Our students do amazing things.  They go to nationals for competitions.  Sadly, that isn't what is recognized.  The dedication of the teachers, the hard work done by students just doesn't make the news. 

Just a few more weeks then summer.  I need the break.  Hopefully, I'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to put up with the junk so the good stuff can shine through.  Thanks awesome teachers everywhere.  You do make a difference. 


Janet Taysom said...

May I suggest all the fun comics, none of the bad news!

Ruth said...

Thank you. I'll enjoy these. :)