Sunday, May 13, 2018

Value of Self

Warrior's Landing shared this video on Facebook.  My sister shared it so I could see it.  For too long, I surrounded myself with people that saw my value as to what I could do for them.

Counseling helped me to change my assessment of my value.  I struggled with this concept for a long time.  It is hard to see value in ones self when the first care givers saw no value.  I internalized their perception of me.  I had to break through several barriers in my thinking.  I first tackled my parents are right.  My parents were wrong.  I then tackled the hurdle that I am what I can do for others.  Then I worked through that I have intrinsic value simply because I exist.

The movie the Prince and the Pauper illustrated how we perceive our own value by those we surround ourselves.  In the slums, the prince was another bum.  In the palace, he was once again heir to the king.  Do we see ourselves as a bum or royalty?

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