Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hello Summer

I posted the warning for a week.  I hope everyone had a chance to see it.  I also hope that I am in compliance to the laws that I have no access to.  I suppose I could do a search, but even if I found it I probably wouldn't understand all the legalese attempting to protect people's identity.  Heavy sigh.  This was a problem when the internet started and hasn't stopped being a problem.  I gave out my email to everyone.  Someone asked me if it was risky, "My employer published it all ready, doesn't matter."  Yes, I get spam.  Yes, people have anonymously written scathing comments which I deleted.  I figure anything I do on the internet is potentially risky, so is driving the freeway, which I do almost every day. 

Today was my last day of meetings.  I volunteered to help out with planning the school goals for next year.  I figured this way I feel like I have a part in what I will be doing.  I was impressed that my opinion was sought and considered.  But today that finished.  For the next 2 months, I will clean, play with grandkids, take a trip, play with grandkids, relax, play with grandkids, paint, take photos and clean.  My challenge is the awesome collection of projects waiting for my attention. 

On a happy note, my friend sold her dinning room table and I bought.  I love wood tables. 

There are 3 sections that can be added to the table.  I love it. 

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