Sunday, September 23, 2018

Destruct to construct

This is an on going process.  Right now I am totally destroy my sewing room with the purpose in mind of having shelves for my projects that will fit the containers that I have.  First I am pulling everything out to make room for the building project.  This means there is stuff every where in our living room.  Almost finished one set of shelves then realized if I complete them as they are, I will not be able to reach the pull chains for the fan and light in the middle of the room.  Bummer.  I allowed myself to put it on hold until Monday.  I am feeling anxious but I remind myself that I am setting the due dates to have things done.  They are mine to change as needed.  I am so excited to go through things.  Some haven't been touched in years.  I also took courage in my hands and give a few things away.  Please understand, this is a huge success and I am so excited about it.  DH offered several times to help but I want to be able to say I DID IT! Step by step I am making choices to control my life.

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