Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I did not grow up with the feeling of peace.  Tension oozed from the woodwork.  Any peace attempt to enter in was exited out within moments.  So if I am seeking peace and I have no idea what it looks or feels like, how will I know if I found it?

Michael is an amazing poet and art photographer.  He blends amazing pictures with beautiful words.  Somedays he shares beautiful words and the pictures created in my mind from his inspiration are amazing.  He agreed that I could share his perspective of peace....

As I sit here dealing with my sprained knee, I came across some old writings of mine from back in the day. This one caused quite a stir online and offline about 12 years ago. CNN had an "arts corner" that it was featured on, and it was recited on a number of other television and radio programs. The resultant storm of recognition caused me to retreat even further into the woods.......
I am the warm gentle breeze
To cleanse ravaged land,
Where foe is now friend
That walk hand in hand.
I am the glory of dawn
O'er bloody red fields.
I am the force that descends
To bring all wars to heel.
I am the rest of the warrior
The calmer of rage.
I am the carillon call of the
Strong and the Brave.
I am the song of cathedral bells
Heard clear 'cross the land.
I am the tears of the mother
In clutch of son's hand.
I am the prayer of the child
For God safe to keep.
I am the sweetness of rest
For the weary to sleep.
I am the light from the darkness
The path through the fire.
I am the glorious wind
Of all earthly desire.
I am the steadfast resolve
Flag proudly unfurled.
I am the heart lit afire
The hope of the world.
I am the covenant foretold
To the lost and the weak.
I am the strength of salvation
In the solace they seek.
I am the voice of the millions
Whom liberty calls.
I am the trumpets lament
Of the last man to fall.
I am the yearn of the haunted
The white dove serene.
I am relief from the madness
The maker of dreams.
I am the promised tomorrow.
The tears of relief.
As she runs to your arms,
Behold....I Am Peace.

Thank you Michael. 

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