Saturday, May 9, 2015

What a week

I have been working at full speed all week.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work at a high school that emphasizes life skills not just grades at the end of the semester.  Unfortunately, it meant working over time at school.  The first was a presentation by sophomore students getting ready to enter specialized training.  Our school has 18 programs to choose from automotive, banking, culinary, nursing, construction, and education are just a few.  About 400 students dressed prepared for a job interviews presented what their chosen career is going to be.  One of the students interested in culinary had trays of hors-d'oeuvres.  Others had other creative ways to share their interest.  A nursing student brought one of the practice dummies from nursing in a wheel chair.  The variety and quality was amazing.  I don't mind giving up some of my time when I see how hard they have worked. 

The second big project was taking pictures for the student presented fashion show.  The teacher did tremendous amount of work coaching and supporting the students in their chosen parts of the program.  Fashion show is like a play with a lot of costume changes.  I will now make a slide show of all the pictures to give to the students as part of their portfolio.  Not many high school students can say that they played a part in a major production that was presented to about 200 people.  I feel like I poured all my thought and energy into this week.

Culinary is also winding down.  I am delighted that they are selling off my favorite dessert.   I bought several magic cookie bars. I cut them up into smaller pieces then freeze them to ration them out through the summer time.  I am thankful for a job working with amazing staff and students.

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