Monday, January 4, 2016

Working at plans for 2016

I am working out a plan for 2016.  I am praying for guidance because I want to improve my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus.  Can't do that if I leave them out of my plan.  My sister keeps talking about the movie War Room, on my list of things to do eventually.  I started at the end of last year including in my prayer to ask to be aware of how to serve others.  I saw so much more than I am able to do.  Part of my plan for this year is to create a space where I can do the things I think about doing.  Improve my health so I have the energy to do it.  Open my heart to let emotional connections happen.  I am in such a different place than 10 years ago when I started counseling.  I am taking what I learned and applying it to my life.  Too often I chicken out and want to keep preparing to become, preparing to do, preparing to take action....time to do it. 

Light my inner fire and go. 

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