Monday, May 23, 2016

Denial the river that looks like a sewer

Lived in a state of denial so profound that it took years of counseling for me to see what was actually happening in my life. 

An article at Flying Monkeys describes how narcissists and sociopaths use denial to confuse and abuse their victims.  It is always hard for me to read these because I realize how deep into denial mode I ventured.  Some people say that denial is no big deal.  However, at its most extreme it becomes a destructive force no less dangerous than a flooding river.

People will say but everyone denies some times.  That is true.  What is different is the systematic methodical deconstruct of reality by using denial to convince their victim that they are in the wrong, helpless, and unable to cope without their predator.  It is used to demean, confuse, obliterate the other persons confidence.  Interesting thing for me was once I stopped denying reality, I couldn't go back to that pseudo comfort created by serious denial. 

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