Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Days of peace

I spent most of this past month resting.  Days of peace, slowing down, and finally getting a new doctor.  Last year my doctor I had for 20 years decided to retire.  I am happy for her and sad for me.  Finding some stranger to tell all my secrets like how much I weigh and having her poke and touch me is difficult.  She is a nice lady.  Much younger than me so maybe I can keep her another 20 years.  She asked me to eat fish three times a week.  I looked at her and said, "No, fish belong in a tank."  So I found liquid fish oil and spent about $100 on food choices and supplements to help balance out my cholesterol and blood sugar.  I'll do it for three months then go back to check my progress.  Frustrating thing about natural changes instead of drugs, insurance doesn't cover over the counter supplements and healthy food.  Some of the changes I know I should do them.  Myfitnesspal.com was my go to program that helped me loose 30 lbs.  Problem was it didn't help me with my attitude.  I need an attitude adjustment to make my life changes and have them stick.  I need to change the concept that I need a cookie after doing something difficult.  I need to change my food reward system.  So far, a whole two days I am seeing some success but not a lot.  Changing how I functioned for years is slow going.  My habits are deep ruts.  Tough to write this.....I need to go eat a cookie. 

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