Sunday, July 10, 2016


One of the challenges that I have is believing I deserve joy, happiness and fun.  I separate them because each one has its own nuance and source.  I was introduced to this concept when I read Life's Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.  This book challenged my belief I was only as good as I was useful.  The concept that I could simply enjoy things seemed radical and extreme.  However, I like challenging my views on life and I was willing to try out fun.  I started to play.  Yup, adults, children, survivors, and everyone needs time to play.  Sadly, in some cultures and homes, play is discouraged or punished.  Luckily play is becoming more main stream.  I have watched the surge in online games, adult coloring books, Cos-play, and many other ways for people to play.  Some people believe the pendulum is swing too far into the play area.  What I learned is play is healing.  Learning to have fun takes time and effort.  Balancing with work, play is healthy.  Active play is a bonus of joyful exercise.  I want to share some links to things that are play:



Books- libraries and online sources are endless


Abusers and well meaning people perpetuate the idea that we 'need' to be productive.  I find that I can be more productive when I take time to play.  We are not born to be slaves, enjoy playtime. 

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