Friday, July 8, 2016

Health at Every Size

May be triggering for people with weight issues. 

Read enough articles and you will eventually find one that agrees with you.  My friend shared this one on Facebook and I enjoyed reading it.  Yes, it is based on one person's research.  The test group was way to small to be considered a viable study, however I just came off the two year cycle of loosing 30 lbs keeping it off for 6 months then gaining 40 lbs back on.  Net gain: 10 lbs.  In this cycle, I learned several things about myself.  It takes a lot of time, effort and thought to keep off the weight.  I feel resentful and envious of those that were eating desserts of any kind.  I felt deprived.  I physically felt better but emotionally....I make a MEAN skinny.  I am serious...I get mean.  Not good at all.  If my goal is kindness to others getting mean is a bad idea.  I recognize and acknowledge that this is a irrational emotionally based reaction that probably is not repeated by others.  I listened to my mother's lectures when I was in high school and weighed 125 lbs about how fat I was and I needed to lose weight.  I remember the day my mother flicked me on my stomach saying that my fat causes cancer...I replied, "I know, I've already had it."  I had cancer several years before this conversation.  The United States and other countries are obsessed with weight.  Sadly vicious teasing, ridicule and cruelty are justified because someone weighs more than someone else thinks they should.  I did myself.  I remember teasing a friend and hitting her because she was fat.  It was wrong.  I wish I could go back and chew out my younger self and apologize to the girl I called friend but I wasn't. Sadly, I learned it was OK to hurt and make fun of people because of their size.  I deeply regret my previous behavior.  Personally, I would rather weigh more and stay nicer then loose weight and become envious of those enjoying food.  I stopped watching a TV series because they made fun of one of the characters that was overweight.  There was no 'redeeming' moral to the story line.  This show equated fat with ugly.  It was cruel.  I no longer watch the show for any reason.  It isn't funny.  It was cruel and small minded.  I don't know if Health At Every Size has all or any answers; I do believe a change in attitude is essential.  Weight is an attribute like height, color of our eyes, hair or skin.  It is not a free pass to tease, humiliate or bully someone else.  This is a life and death issue.  Anorexia, bullying, bulimia, extreme dieting, over exercising, steroids to bulk up can all lead to horrible ways to die.  Yes, I am working at choosing healthy.  Death by chocolate is a slow way to go.


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