Monday, January 30, 2017

Need to Play

Rush rush rush...

Rush to talk
Rush to walk
Rush rush rush

Rush to school
Rush to learn
Rush rush rush

Rush to grow up
Rush to graduate
Rush rush rush

Rush to work
Rush to deadlines
Rush rush rush

Rush on the freeway
Rush on the way home
Rush rush rush

I work with Early Childhood Education program at our school.  Part of the lessons teaches high school students the importance of play for children.  As I work more on growing healthy, adults need to play too.

Link to article about children need to play:

  • playing helps children expand their understanding of themselves and others, their understanding of the physical world, and their ability to communicate with others
  • recreation creates the basis for a great foundation in all areas of life
  • play teaches the basics that every person needs to know for the real world, things such as:
    • You don’t always win
    • Good Sportsmanship
    • Take turns
    • Colors
    • Reading
    • Strategy
    • Math awareness
    • Cooperation
    • Memorization
    • Creativity
    • Self Confidence
I know that I needed to build self confidence, unleash my creativity, improve my memory, learn to cooperate,  yup, right up the line I benefit from play.  I am playing an online game.  Sudokus and crossword puzzles are part of my routine to healthier brain.  I decided to try Lumosity.  However, I have to set some boundaries.  I put time limits on how long I play.  I allow myself to make mistakes in the game or puzzle without condemning myself.  I am practicing cooperation on Happy Acres.
I'm having fun. I'm adding painting abstract and drawing to my activities.  I am learning to slow down the rush and enjoy events, people, activities and living. 

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