Friday, January 13, 2017

One Done, One to go

These last 6 weeks have this constant energy drain of unknowns with my body.  I had emergency surgery with biopsies the first part of December.  I had to wait until today to hear the results.  This morning I accepted in my mind the possibility I have cancer, again.  I felt a tremendous relief when the biopsies all came back negative for cancer.  The doctor suspects the underlying problem is allergies.  Apparently, I am eating something in my diet that is causing swelling in my esophagus.  So I am looking for a good allergist that might help me track down what I eat that creates the internal swelling.  Does my body cooperate and tell me what I need to know? No.  I do know it gets worse I am stressed, in a hurry, or general raise in anxiety for any reason.  Guess what?  Allergies get worse in these same conditions.  I had this problem for over 15 years and this is the first doctor that suggested checking to see what I am allergic to.  Monday and Tuesday are my 2 day thyroid test….and I wonder why I dread seeing doctors.  Oh yea, the stress of not having a clue why my body does what it does and relying on a person I just met to tell me what would be the best course of action.  Trust issues can really interfere with getting proper medical care.


Tundra Woman said...

Oh Ruth, I am so sorry. It sounds like you're gonna have a Thyroid Uptake exam-that's the two day test. It will show how your thyroid is actually functioning and obviously, not too good if you're suppose to be on replacement meds. Apparently that's already been established so I'm gonna assume you had a previous Uptake to compare this pending one with.
I'm just at a loss here. Wow. It seems your MD thinks just stopping thyroid meds is perfectly fine, after all they are measured in *micrograms* right?! Tells ya something about how powerful they are. You certainly are getting whiplashed all over the place: I'd be plopped on the couch with arms and legs that feel like they're encased in wet concrete-And a brain that feels worse. Your picture is perfect!

Ellen said...

Ruth, I'm so glad you don't have cancer! Waiting for test results is the absolute worst. Hope you find answers soon.

Ruth said...

Thanks TW. That is the test. I never had one before. It is not a fun test at all. Fortunately, a school holiday that doesn't effect the medical offices means I can have part of the test without missing any school. Whiplashed is a really good description of what I am feeling. Now I am on a low salt, no fish or shellfish, no vitamins. I am so looking forward to this being done.

I agree Ellen. I seem to keep hearing the music from "Jaws" in my head. Waiting is so tough.

Tundra Woman said...

What annoyed me the most about the Thyroid Uptake was having to go to the hospital radiology department the first day-simply to swallow
*A* pill. ONE? That's IT? Day Two was actually the Uptake Exam itself. My blood work had always been WNL even with a goiter that grew precipitously. The ultrasound and particularly the Uptake exam revealed just crazy results so that's why the whole organ was removed.

Countdown continues. It feels like it just drags on forever-your picture says it all. Almost there, Ruth. Have a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other day ;-)

Ruth said...

They threw in a set of pictures the first day along with the radioactive iodine pill and about an hour worth of pictures this morning. Now I wait to hear results. Waiting is not fun.