Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snap Snarl and Growl

I didn't realize how much my medication helped even out my sleep, moods, and general outlook on life.  Thyroid medicine makes a difference.  Not taking it I am watching my sleep deteriorate, my concentration sucks, and I'm craving salt of all things.  I envy a cow or a horse having a salt lick.  I've devoured almost an entire bag of salty corn chips.  I snapped at a student, tried to pick a fight, then laughed with my sister with that sound on the edge of hysteria.  I sometimes wonder if doctors think through what these tests do to their patients.  For one, I lost my patients.  I wish I could just stay home and curl up in a ball for 5 more days.  This had better work....just say'n.


mulderfan said...

Another case of being patient with yourself Ruth! Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to new meds.
When I first started the ones I take now, I was either curled up in a ball crying or doing Joan River's style stand up comedy! Looking back it was kinda fun.

Tundra Woman said...

I'm shocked you weren't even titrated off your meds. Your body must be going through hell. Is that even safe, Ruth? I don't understand.
And then what-after the testing is done you'll go right back on the full dose you were on before?
Is this an Endocrinologist making all these "adjustments " for upcoming tests? Please take care. You know it's bad when you're counting down the days until you can go back on your meds.

Ruth said...

mulderfan, the doctor wanted my body clear of thyroid medicine so they could see what it is up to by itself. The rest of my body is not impressed at all.

TW I don't understand either, over 5 weeks of my body doing a whiplash roller coaster. Not an endocrinologist, this is my regular physician having me do this test. The lump in my throat is telling me that my body is deadly serious on this issue. Heavy sigh. I've been through a lot of crap with this body. It is functioning and I am less tired than I was expecting. It is more like I am super wound up like an over wound clock. Count down of days to go back on my supplement, oils and medications.