Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Testing done

Now waiting for the results.  I think there should be background music....something like 'Jaws' if the answer is more problems or something fun like 'Beer Barrel Polka' if all is well.  I did get a bit sarcastic when I was asked if I was effected by cold.  I walked in from 60 degree F weather with a coat, sweater, and scarf.  Yes, I am cold constantly.  Did you know that if you shiver for about 20 to 30 minutes your whole body aches like you had a tough work out.  Too bad it doesn't burn that many calories. 

 I am finding new resources and web pages to explore.  I found this page after reading one of their articles they posted on Facebook.  With a bit of exploration they look fairly credible.  I haven't checked every page but the ones I browsed look like some promising resources and perhaps future blog posts.  https://www.domesticshelters.org/domestic-violence-lists

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Tundra Woman said...

Sorry you're freezing! Not much longer now, Ruth. By next week you should nave the results, right? Yeah, waiting and living with uncertainty are such a challenge. So can you resume your meds now?
Thanks for the link-there are some good articles as well as reminders that tactics Abusers use no matter what their relationship with the abused are quite consistent. There was actually an article on a woman who "divorced" her mother. That's refreshing. We're the youngest and most vulnerable victims of abuse yet if the abuser is mommy-dearest, apparently we're "obligated" to put up with it.
Wanna bet?! ;-)