Monday, June 15, 2015


I am working on Cognitive reframing.  Taking a bad situation and looking at it differently so that it sheds a different light on the situation.  The link below has 18 responses to the question of how a person used reframing.

In my experience, my counselor first had to explain to me what it was.  My understanding it is taking any situation and look at it differently.  Childhood memories, review them with an adult perspective.  Negative events look for the silver lining or how the situation will benefit me.  These were some of the examples my counselor suggested.

I needed to practice.  I didn't do very well at first.  My thoughts tend to chase themselves around and around and around.  Redirecting them in a new direction takes practice.  I would spend many sessions reviewing with my counselor how to reframe a situation to see events in a more positive light.  I also read other peoples ideas about reframing.  Betsy Ten Boom instructed Corrie to thank God for the fleas.  Corrie balked at the thought of thanking God for the fleas that made their lives miserable.  However, it was because of the fleas that the prison guards stayed out of their barracks and they had their prayer meetings.  There are many stories of people changing their perspective and changing their attitude.  What is truly amazing to me is reframing can be used any time any where and I am totally in control of my reaction and thoughts to any situation.  It is that big.

It also has some limitations in my perspective.  Reframing does not remove consequences from choices.  Reframing does not make abuse OK.  Reframing is for my benefit but used in an unhealthy way it may keep me in a situation that I should fight not accept.  Try it out.  I would be interested in how others use reframing that works for them. 

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