Wednesday, February 24, 2016

People crave problems

I am learning that people crave problems.  If they don't already have too much on their plate, they going looking for more problems.  Most of the games on the internet are some form of problem solving, either things to match, crops to grow, or levels to master.  I am also that people want problems they can actually solve.  Too many life's problem over whelm and beat us down.  Instead we escape in someone else's problem in a book, online, in game, or maybe a crossword puzzle.  I am learning that I need to step back from helping students too much and let them struggle through the problem.  When then get to the other side of the problem, that's were they pick up a bit more confidence. 

I also learned there is a significant difference between challenging myself and someone else setting me up to fail.  When I challenge myself, I feel excited, energized and enjoying myself.  When I am set up to fail, I feel overwhelmed, discouraged and dread each day.  I am working at challenging myself without getting overwhelmed.  I can't control what other people do but I have 100% control over how I work to resolve the issue. 

Dark clouds lend interest to a brilliant sky. 

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