Friday, February 5, 2016

Sick sucks

Last week end I was sick.  Today I am sick again.  Allergy season is upon us.  I always swore I didn't have allergies, then DH pointed out I get sick at the same time every year.  Heavy sigh.  I guess not everyone has itchy eyes right now.

Judy posted a meme on Facebook from PTSD Support And Recovery

sometimes i feel like i have my life together and them i'm like 

that was a great 45 seconds.

This sums up my week.  In review, I'm not taking responsibility for someone else's choices.  I am continuing to do what I do know how to do.  I am staying patient with students.  I am having some fun playing Happy Acres on Facebook.  I played to support my daughter-in-law since she is one of the developers now.  I am actually enjoying the challenges of planning, saving, and creating food.  My place is a bit messy but I don't think that will change over time.  

Starts tomorrow.  Woohoo. 


Elli G said...

" sometimes i feel like i have my life together and them i'm like

that was a great 45 seconds"

So true and funny. Hahah, I never thought I could laugh about my mess. Seems like I was wrong, again...

Ruth said...

I'm glad I was able to help you find the humor. :)