Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Challenge is the blessing

Many times I hear people pray that their problems will magically disappear.  Sometimes they do only to be replaced by another problem.  I wonder how many times a person prays away the very thing that will help them?  About 7 years ago, I went to the doctor's office for an in office procedure.  His office was right across the street from the hospital.  Something went wrong and I was raced across the street and flew through the ER leaving my sister-in-law to tell the hospital people who I was.  I was immediately put through a bunch of test.  Basically what happened that the problem with the procedure actually located a much large life threatening issue that I ignored for years.  5 days in the hospital and 2 years of medication finally repaired the damaged area in my stomach.  If I hadn't had the simpler problem, they wouldn't have found the hole forming in my stomach until it was too late.  The small problem was the blessing.  I think there are other events in life that the problem doesn't provide other blessings but is actually the blessing. 

We see messy problems and we ask that they be straightened out and smoothed over.  We miss the point, life is messy.  It is supposed to have ups, downs, twists, and turns.  It is in the very process of going through our lives that the designs are revealed at a much later time.  I look back over some of the rough patches and wonder why I needed to do them.  Then I have an experience now and realize that all that went before prepared me to be where I am right now.  I like the way Froglogic states it, "Embrace the suck."  The sucky challenge is the blessing. 

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