Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back again

I experience severe swelling in my legs every 3 to 5 years.  It will stay for a couple of months then goes away to give me a break again.  I thought that the last round was caused by I stopped sewing.  Now, it is back.  I realize because of the situation I am in....the actual cause may be long times of sitting.  That's it.  I am going back to mild exercise.  Build up my time to do that and monitor the things I know that can cause extra water retention.  On other rounds, I was tested for blood clots....none.  Heart problems....none.  Tried support hose....disaster.  I am actually relieved to know that I can go back to sewing as long as I take frequent breaks.  One of the things I do that is counter productive, when I get overwhelmed, I quit exercising, not a healthy choice.  Back on the elliptical, easy on the knees and safer than walking out in 90 degree F weather.  Yup we are headed towards triple digit weather already.  I'm bummed.  The older I get the harder it is for me to tolerate the heat.  Learning, listening to my body, and readjusting my behavior.


Jenafer Bauerle said...

I get a lot of relief from compression socks- they also come in fun prints and colors.

Ruth said...

I tried those once. My knee swelled up so big I could barely get my blue jeans off. I'm glad that is a solution that works for you.