Monday, April 11, 2016

Takes time

Healing takes time and effort.  If I just sit back and wait for healing to occur because many years have passed, I will be disappointed that nothing happens.  Change is a verb....action word.  Effort needs to occur change.  Sometimes I believe it will be automatic like the World turning from night to day.  Or the seasons change with no effort on my part.  For myself, I am the one that has to do the work to make the change.  Hard right now.  Sometimes I don't feel like changing. 

My sister posted a link on her page.

I took the time to read it too.  She was right - Good stuff.

My years in counseling taught me to change my life I must first change my thinking. 

Flylady says the same thing.

I have books on changing thinking yet I am stubborn as can be about taking steps to change my life for the better.  A changed so much from the beginning of my journey over 20 years ago.  I first hit rock bottom then decided I didn't want to stay there.  Baby steps, stumbling forward, falling flat on my face all headed me away from where I was.  Many times I had no clue where I was headed only walking forward away from where I was.  Change takes time and effort. 

Where do you want to go from here?

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