Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My past does not define me!

My past is carved in stone.  
I can not change my past.
I was chained to my past -
Now I am free. 
My past does not define me!

Treasured pieces

Forgotten past
Lost in the recesses of a suppressed mind.
The facade cracks – the filth of my past oozes into my consciousness.
In this filthy river are bits and pieces of treasured moments.
Collect them Polish them 
Store them where they are safe.
Bring them out and remember. 
Life can be good. 
Moments can be precious. 
Savor the good that exists.
I can not change my past. 
I can decide my future 
Do I spread the ooze or 
Create moments to be treasured?
Only I decide.

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