Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breaking silence

When I started this blog, I decided to break the silence demanded by my abusers.  Speaking up was difficult but with time I am doing better.  Today, I broke a new silence barrier.  At school, the students were studying safety for children, in this unit they define abuse and study the laws requiring reporting.  Today, I spoke to the classes about the results of abuse and how they can help children feel safe.  I talked about loving school because I felt safe there.  I shared with them several ideas that are helpful like asking permission to hug a child, giving them options, validating feelings, and a few other ideas how to create a safe environment.  I challenged them to learn how to make a difference for a child.  I felt good about their reception of what I told them.  I hoped for a conversation but the students were a bit taken back by the subject and my candid reaction to being an abuse survivor.  I also emphasized the importance of personal responsibility.  It is not my fault about what happened to me but I am responsible for how I behave now.  I appreciate the teacher giving me an opportunity to share.  One of the interpreters for our deaf students asked me questions afterwards to get information to help a friend.  I keep writing and talking, speaking up, breaking the abuse silence.

Breaking down barriers

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