Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plan to be late

I've learned that when I pray in the morning to serve the Lord by helping someone in need, I better prepare to be late for something.  I noticed that the Lord doesn't ask me to help others when I have nothing to do.  It is at a moment when I feel I need to be somewhere else then there is this emotional tug to stop, pay attention, observe those around me, and serve where needed.  I remember a story I got in the internet years ago....I've seen multiple versions now. 

I looked up on Snopes and found the back ground of the story:

Claim:   Students at a religious institute enrolled in a class on the life of Jesus arrive at their classroom to take the final exam and find a notice informing them that the test will be given in another building on the other side of the campus. As the students rush across campus to the new room, each is accosted by a forlorn beggar who entreats their help. None of the students stops for him, however — they all rush by, anxious to arrive on time for the exam.

The instructor is waiting for the students when they finally reach the classroom. He explains to them that the beggar was an actor, planted by him to test their reactions. Because the students did not demonstrate that they had acquired any compassion while studying the life of Jesus, they all failed the exam.

Today I prayed to serve others, I was late for work, late for an appointment, late getting home.  I was late.  I'm OK with being late.  I noticed too a feeling of peace when I was starting to be anxious about the end of school wrap up of assignments.  I would think once again that I prayed to serve others, their demands suddenly seemed less demanding.  Still needed to be done but my attitude shifted. Prayers are sometimes answered in a way that isn't expected.....I think I'll plan to leave earlier so I can serve and not be late.....

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