Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winding down

I planned for it.  Gave myself a totally quiet day.  I am back at school working and feel like a ditz.  I left my phone out.  Misplaced things.  Struggle with the simplest task.  Heavy sigh.  Be kind to myself.  I don't need to beat myself up for down time after high activity time. Marathoners rest after a race.  I need to rest after a busy couple of weeks.  I succeeded by the standards I set.  I have food left over that will freeze nicely.  I gave away food.  (I even bought take food containers for people to take food home with them.) I keep expecting myself to get right on the next task but I need transition time.  I need down time.  I need to have fun.  Today I did.  I worked on decorations for the preschool.  I played with construction paper gingerbread men.  I've never made real ones myself....hmmmmm may be I need to invest in a gingerbread man cookie cutter.....Run, run as fast as you can...You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man.  Squirrel.

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