Friday, December 5, 2014


Today my body rudely reminded me that I don't get to "get away" with a high stress event ever.....  My body holds a grudge and pay back is wicked hard.   Terms that get batted around like burn out, crash, cracked, adrenal collapse, spells, and any other words all mean the same thing, after high stress the body will quit.  It is isn't if, it is when.  I was at work.  Fortunately, I have an understanding teacher.  Kara Through the looking glass takes a looked at being Cracked.  There are links are her webpage that takes you to another blog.  It gives a variety of opinions on this state of being called cracked.  I am still struggling at accepting this as part of what I live with.  Hard to remember that PTSD does not define me when it dictates to me if I am conscious or not.  Heavy sigh.  I know I will feel better tomorrow.  I've stretched them out to being once every few months instead of everyday.  Progress exists it really does....just who am I try to convince?  Me. 

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