Monday, February 16, 2015

Dividing my time

I am very sure I hadn't complained about being bored.  My prayers are littered with help me get things done.  I just had a whole bunch of stuff dumped on my plate.  Photography is coming back on stage.  I shot two photo shoots and struggling with catching up with stuff from 2 years ago.  I noticed this blog was getting filled with all my PTSD research.  So I am working on my other blog more  My symptoms are greatly reduced, however, I still have experiences like a panic attack at Karate class.  Or a complete shut down on a weekend, like yesterday.  I start feeling like I am totally out of PTSD land then I get smacked down from some trigger I hadn't previously identified.  I am living a very busy life inspite of my PTSD.  Yes, my teacher in Karate recognized what happened but was accepting and helped me face the same challenge successfully.  I am amazed to be in the company of people that want to help me succeed.  My husband is head cheer leader encouraging me and supporting me when things get hard again.  My sister makes a huge difference in my life.  I had lunch with a friend that I've known since the beginning of counseling.  We cheer each other on and check into make sure we are OK.  I have support from a quiet friend that knows exactly where I have been.  She doesn't realize what a profound difference she makes in my life.  I took on the challenge of Froglogic without really realizing it, I am building my team to help me be the strongest and happiest person I can be. 


mulderfan said...

Cheering from the frozen North!
R for Remarkable
U for proud of U
T for Tenacity
H for Hugs

Ruth said...

Thanks mulderfan....I really like that.