Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Power of Silence

This link was saved over a year ago.  It hung out in my list of future posts. 


I knew the power of silence when I was given the "silent treatment" by my mother.  Problem with that is I loved her not talking to me.  (I made a note to self, never punish a child with a punishment they prefer over good behavior.)  What I didn't understand is how TR used the power of silence to sit and observe.  Her quietness allowed her to see things that were over looked before.  Silence is something I get most of the time.  Without my hearing aide it is almost overwhelming.  I also learned that when I I was divided up into multiple personalities there was always chatter in my head.  After integration, the silence was mind blowing.  I realized I never experienced silence before.  I turned on music just so there was noise somewhere.  I remember the hush that blanketed Spokane, Washington after Mount St. Helens blew ash clear across the state.  Walking outside felt like you were in a posh library with scarcely a sound, not a bird chirp, a bug buzz, or a dog bark broke the oppressing silence.  I felt afraid of silence.  I didn't see silence as something for me to use, to ponder on what is actually happening.  I remember a song from when I was in junior high school....Sounds of Silence.  I reread the lyrics and realized that it reinforced the feeling that Silence was dangerous.  I am starting to realize that silence can be whatever I make it to be. TR saw the power....I saw the punishment.  I spent much of today quiet.  Silence allows for time to observe.  Silence lets me sort things out in my own mind.  Silence can be my ally. I still like my mother giving me the silent treatment.  I don't know why I am getting it this time but I am quite happy for it to continue. 


TR said...

Me2, I loved my mother's silent treatments when I got older (and even today). When I think of this today, knowing when to be silent and observe/listen and when to speak up is a challenge. Because I don't want to be silent when it matters to me. Like you say, it can be whatever we make it to be.

Ruth said...

I agree TR I don't want to be silent when it matters to me either. Thanks for a great post.