Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines day

I am fascinated with why things happen, how things work, and why do people do what they do.  Valentines day is no exception.  There are several different versions but the most common version is Claudius II decreed that soldiers could not married.  St. Valentine ignored this decree at the cost of his life and married couples anyway.  It is also close to the pagan holiday Lupercalia.  Rather than fight the holidays early Popes changed the holidays to have Christian back ground instead.  I do believe that card makers, florist, jewelers, and candy makers encourage the day for profit.  I figure any day that celebrates love is wonderful.  Unfortunately, some people put so much emphasis on a particular day they lose sight of the celebration of couples being united.  This year my sweety volunteered to work so they couldn't force him to work tomorrow when our grandson is being blessed.  I spent time with grandkids, made yummy chicken Alfredo, and feel blessed to be in a loving relationship.  I know not everyone is blessed with a special partner in their lives.  Thank you for having a super easy recipe for Alfredo sauce.  I will probably never buy it a jar ever again.

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