Sunday, February 8, 2015

Interesting reaction

I enjoy sharing Bible scriptures on Facebook.  Most people agree or leave it alone.  Today was different.  The picture showed storm tossed seas and a verse referring to Christ calming the sea.  A person asked, "What is this crap?"  No, I did not unfriend them.  I probably should have said nothing but I didn't. I recommended him to read the Bible.  I really do understand how difficult some of the stories are to believe.  I also know of the countless lives that were spent preserving the Bible by writing it over and over so the pages weren't lost during the dark ages, the lives loss for believing in its Word, and the changes that may come.  But not always.  I remember years ago hearing a story of a man locked away in prison with nothing but the Bible.  On the prison walls were writings of how many 'e's were in the Bible.  There were similar notations and with the book the prisoner never got the message.  To contrast this, Corrie Ten Boom shares in the Hiding Place the great blessings she felt by smuggling a Bible into a concentration camp. It is difficult to get the message if you are not looking for answers.  It is impossible to prove.  The entire book must be taken on faith.  There are some that spent their life time proving it is false.  This book caused a student to be kicked out of school just last month.  The school teacher and administrator were offended that a student chose to read the Bible during free reading.  Apparently free reading has restrictions in the United States.  I am very outspoken here that I believe the Bible.  I believe Christ is literally the Son of Heavenly Father.  Most importantly that He laid down His life and took it up again.  I have been criticized for my belief.  I have been ridiculed because I believe.  Some questioned my belief for after all, as a child, I was not protected from evil.  Bad things happen.  It is in that pit of despair that my belief in Christ forged its foundation.  When I struggled with suicidal thoughts, I imagined how difficult it would be for me to explain to Christ that life was too hard.  He knows, first hand, how hard life can be.  He wouldn't doubt me.  But I just couldn't imagine being able to say that to Him.  So I carried on.  My sister shared a quote with me, "If you are wondering if your mission on Earth is over, if you are still here, it's not over."  I have offended people by offering to pray for them.  I lost friends because of my belief.  I believe Christ is my Savior and Redeemer.  He has my back.  With Christ, I can feel calm in the midst of a storm.  He encourages me to do the impossible to follow him.  He assures me if I head in His direction He will make up the difference.  So I follow, no matter how imperfectly.  I think the interesting reaction is mine.  Happy Sunday. 

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