Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Won.....

Computers and I have had a long and contemptuous relationship.  I started on computers during the Dark Ages.....before monitors.  Punch cards and hopefully a print out were my only source of input and output.  Times changed for computers....dramatically.  The first 7 gigabyte drive I installed cost $1000.  Today, I bought a 5 Terabyte drive and I couldn't get it to work. Heavy sigh.  I fought it.  I sent in a help request.  Then I found the latest drivers to make the hard drive compatible with my Mac.  I won.  I am merrily moving files off of my over burden drives to the larger space.  Some files I need to pitch....delete forever.  Other stuff reminds me how far I have come.  Digital photography takes space....over 70,000 pictures takes lots of space.  Computers for me are a love/hate relationship.  I love them when they work and I hate them when they don't.  

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