Friday, July 10, 2015

Brain Fitness

I went to the library with my daughter.  There they had some fascinating books and videos.  I picked up a book called Brain Fitness and a video on how the brain functions.  One of the things I learned working on fixing computers is I can get so caught up in what is wrong, I miss important information on what works right.  I decided to look up reviews on the Brain Fitness book and instead found reviews of several different Brain Fitness web pages.  The basic theme Use it or Lose it.  The research I am reading in the Brain Fitness book is losing brain power with age is not mandatory.  Some people do retain their sharpness and clarity of thought well into their 90's.  What do they recommend?

Healthy diet
Learn something new (Teach the old dog new tricks to keep them healthy.)
Challenge yourself with different ideas

On the learn something new they recommended that it is the area of Art especially music.  So I'm going to go turn the music up and dance.

Have a great day.

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