Thursday, July 16, 2015

Relationship with Food

Sucks.  I struggle with anything to do with controlling my eating.  Sadly my mother's constant stream of obsessive dieting, talking about dieting, and telling me I need to diet is not helpful.  But I am responsible for what I put in my mouth.  Someone on Facebook recommended an interesting page that with 12 questions gives suggestions as to how you can eat better.  I came up with 63% constant craver.  Meaning, I believe that I am hungry all the time even when I just ate.  I am also an emotional eater.  If I feel out of sorts, I'll eat.  If I worked hard on a project, I reward myself with food.  I kind of knew most of this.  It does have a link to some interesting menus.   I get frustrated when they recommend soy products since they are so high in natural estrogen I can't eat them because it puts me at higher risk for breast cancer again.  However many of the other menus looked very yummy.

This is the link to the test:
Heads up to those in the United States you need to change your weight to Stones or KG. 

Another helpful link that taught me proportions:

I am also reading a text book from the culinary class.  The first half of the book is on nutrition and health.  What I did find very interesting and I didn't know was that when people are looking forward to eating their body kicks in the digestive juices and saliva.  The process of digestion starts in the mouth.  If your mouth is watering for the food you are about to eat, you get more nutrition from the food you eat.  From the mindfulness camp, they suggest eating slowly and savoring every bite.  Slowing down eating, paying attention to what I eat, and savoring my food certainly improves meal time for me.  But too many cookies and chocolate between meals is a pain.  I refuse to diet so I am making life changes.  I am learning to cook healthy instead of Fast-Cheap-and- Easy. 


Jenafer Bauerle said...

I have found recently I am an emotional eater, I blocked it by being busy. When you start working on you it is both disconcerting and comforting to know that you share many characteristics with others. I love you.

Ruth said...

That's very true, Jenafer. Thank you. I love you.